empty(v.) services

What are these about?

At The Oregon Community, we take very seriously the idea that the church is the only organization in the world that exists for the benefit of non-members. So, we are always trying to find ways to be a blessing to our community.

When we started, we asked ourselves the question, "If Jesus lived in NE Portland, what would He be doing with His time?" We propose that he would not be overly concerned with getting together with a bunch of people that were just like Him, but that He would be out in the community. Serving.

Serving just to serve.

Serving to show this world what God is like.

Serving in order to change things.

Because what this world needs is not a treatise on all the things that are wrong with it, what it needs is the selfless and overwhelming love of its Creator to be shown to it, in a tangible way.

It needs a reminder of what this Love of God looks like.

It needs an example to what grace looks like.

So, on the last Sunday of every month, our church is Empty(v.). We go out and serve our community. Together, we take on different service projects each month, no strings attached. Check out the info on the right of this page to get the needed details of this months Empty(v.) Service project.

We are trying to be a Community that cares about our neighborhood, our people, and this world enough to actually do something about it.

So we are Empty(v.). We pour ourselves out. We serve.

If you would like to be a part of this, join us.

For more info, check out our current month's project description below.

august's project

There are many ways to keep the momentum rolling. We rely on year-round volunteers, financial support, and bike donations. We would love to count you as one of the hundreds of people who are part of our community of supporters.

It truly takes a community to do what we do. We have a robust volunteer program with many opportunities to support our work to make bicycling more accessible to everyone. From leading bike rides to photographing our events, you don’t need to be an ace bike mechanic to support us!


10am - Village Ballroom

August 22nd

july's project

HOMEpdx is a community of volunteers who live inside and outside.

• Share meals - Lunch on Sunday, and a light dinner on Tuesday. The importance is placed on eating together as a community desiring intimacy and relationship.

• Share hope - Listen to each others stories, and let each other know we are worth something even when times are rough. Through our connections with each other and outside resources we do what we can to meet real needs.

• Share supplies - When we have the resources in hand, we share anything from: socks, toiletries, backpacks, tarps, sleeping bags and much more. By meeting needs through relationship we ensure that these resources are given directly to our friends.

• Share ourselves - By being present, by meeting up with our friends at other times as needed, and by being part of a committed team that keeps HOMEpdx running. This team is all-volunteer based and is made up of folks who live outdoors and indoors. We meet twice a month in addition to weekly community gatherings.

Help us help others,

This week we gather in the Ballroom at 10am, then we will head to a few neighboring homes to prepare a meal for our friends downtown. Come join us!


10am - Village Ballroom

Sunday, July 30th

june's project

It's time again to serve our neighboorhood school, Woodlawn Elementary. Weeding, trash pickup and general maintenance around the facilities help make a safe and beautiful envrionment for our neighborhood kids.

Help us help others,


10am - Village Ballroom