As a church, we value Community. In fact, it's our number one value. But, we also know that true community, and just having lots of church events, aren't the same thing. So, we are very intentional with what we do, and don't do here.

Right now, we have monthly groups meeting for men and women, and we also have two groups for families, and just about anybody that wants to show up.

beer and theology

On the 2nd Wednesday of the month, we have our Beer and Theology small group. This is another pop in group where we gather to have a pint, and solve all the questions in theology. Really, this is just a simple time of being together and chatting about what the life of faith really looks like. This group meets at 7pm in the Oregon Public House. Again, no need to RSVP, just join us...


This is our monthly gathering where we indulge in adult beverages and get to know other ladies from the community in a casual, but intentional setting. Wine.Women.Jesus. is hosted monthly at members' houses on...

First week of every Month.  At 7pm.

Around Wine.

Email for info on the upcoming gathering, or to be added to our Facebook and Google group for updates, or check out our Facebook page, or just give us a call at 503.427.1985.

At this event, we meet as men, around fire, and talk about Jesus. This is not another church service. This is a time to gather and share, debate and challenge, encourage and listen. A very simple gathering around fire as we talk about life, faith, and the meaning of all things.

3rd week of every month.


Around Fire.

For any questions, email Ryan at, give us a call at 503.427.1985, or check out our Facebook page for updated info.

See you around the fire...