• Ryan Saari


    Ryan is that guy you know that's usually too loud and talks too much. Because of this, he is subconsciously attracted to introverts and wishes he was one of them.  

    A native to Portland, he loves biking, golf, the outdoors, IPAs, and his wife and two little girls. Although, his real passion is helping people discover who Jesus is, and what it means when it says He came to give "life."

    This is why Ryan is here, and why he is not dead yet. 

    PS - Check out Ryan's TED Talk here...

  • Ron Hockley


    Raised in the backwoods of Alaska, Ron has been a bartender, pastor, factory worker, processor of trout at a commercial farm, nonprofit leader, door-to-door salesman, file clerk at a bank, itinerant evangelist, corporate IT manager, marathon runner and public speaker. Since he was 22 his adventures have taken him to more than 40 countries, where he has served some of the world’s poorest citizens. Ron is the founder of the NEO Fund, a micro-finance institution that started in a garbage dump and brings compassionate, sustainable change to vulnerable communities in India and Nicaragua. The Oregon Community has been his home since the church started in 2010. He wishes there was a beer named after him; if there was he’d want it to be called “The Invigorator.”

  • Christine Stenberg

    Kids Pastor

    Christine loves kids. A born and raised Portlander, she remembers when the Kennedy School was a school, Lloyd Center was an open-air mall, and when you could actually afford to live in Irvington. She also loves craft beer and attending Portland Timbers games with her husband Joel and their two kids Georgia and Stella. She finds joy in working with kids and is so very happy to have the opportunity each week to do just that.

  • Kyle Lockwood

    director of operations

    Kyle is a musician. He plays music.

    He's also a father, a husband, a gamer, a carpenter, and a self-professed nerd.

    A recovering athiest, this is Kyle's first real "church." He maintains, rules, leads, and directs all aspects of our Worship, Tech, Maintenance and Online Departments.

    Kyle could be doing a lot of things, yet he chooses to be here. We're lucky.

  • Alex Palm

    Empty(v.) service coordinator

    Alex refuses to write a bio for us.  I think it's because he's humble, but in reality, it means we get to make one up:

    Before leaving One Direction, Alex was in charge of the daily massages for the members.  Truly, a born servant.  Talk with him, he will smile and be awesome.  Because he is.