Prayers of the people

How can we pray for you?  Similar to our live services, new prayers set to 'Public' may be read aloud on our weekly service video.  Setting your prayer to private will only be visible by the Oregon Community staff.



For my friend and co-worker, Joyce, who tragically lost her father, Chuck, to covid. Chuck was a religious man who loved God deeply; praying that Joyce will begin to find peace after this loss, secure in her father's enduring love for her.


stuff has hit the fan again with my kids mom. Court is now unavoidable. She is still trying to move with Tani to Texas. I am talking with a lawyer to figure out my options. I just want prayer on handling the stress and for whatever is best for the kids.


We are moving to PDX in August from Albuquerque, NM and we’re terrified BUT hopeful:) looking for a new church home, jobs and to build community when we get there! Pray for us as we make the move and for our kids as they transition. We hope to check out this community when COVID guidelines are lifted!


Please pray with me I'll find a descent, affordable room to rent (with a nice, trustworthy landlord) -- and SOON! (Within the next couple of weeks) If I don't find something soon, it's possible I could lose my job and become homeless.


This is less of a prayer request, and more of an observation I guess. I think the act of gathering together, worshipping, laughing, weeping, all of this is a way to open ourselves more widely to view the infinite. It's a way of stretching ourselves and making our world wider and deeper. I used to wonder about the point of church, and thought I shouldn't attend since I knew almost nothing to be absolutely true and had almost zero answers. But I was, of course, missing the point entirely. Church isn't for those who have all the tenets of faith neatly boxed, categorized and labeled. Church is for me; for us, all of us. I miss it. I miss all of you.